Safe, Healthy Weight Loss

safe weight loss

One of the safest ways to lose weight is the natural way which involves a proper diet and some level of exercise. Too many people look for the quick and easy way out which really works against you in the long term. It is one thing to take a short cut in the pursuit of a great looking body, but its another thing to be left with long term consequences from the shortest path.

However, it is noteworthy that having a healthy weight loss goes even beyond the change of diet and exercise. You may ask what do I mean if you start a weight loss program and change your diet to the point that you lose weight quickly, chances are if you come off that diet you will regain those pounds. It is best to allow your weight to come off gradually, that way it is unlikely that you will regain weight quickly if you decide to come off your food plan or may be forced to for whatever reason.

Some people have what is known as a cheat day, which is simply eating what you want on a particular day every now and then. They choose a particular day for this but are usually strategic when choosing that time. This may work well for some but you run the risk of developing a taste again for foods you have already thrown away and could cause relapse to the taste buds which makes it harder to continue your diet regimen.

The less fast food and processed unhealthy foods you avoid the better. Some foods may give a quick burst of energy but without proper nutritious food, you will soon burn out and lack endurance. Note that endurance will be necessary for a long term workout plan to achieve weight loss. So eating healthy and nutritious food is a must if you will accomplish your goals.

Please note fast food may be a quick fix but it can be a long-term problem in the future. If you can avoid the fast-food please do as it will benefit you as you get older. As you age it becomes harder to fight illnesses that can be brought on by such choices.

Always remember that shortcuts when it comes to your health are not a good idea. At the end of the day, the choice is yours but this information is provided so you know what to expect. This we believe will help you make a wise choice in the direction you want to go in regards to losing any unwanted weight. So set your weight loss goal, base it on doing it the safest way possible, and remember only you can decide if you really want this, that my friends are the biggest difference in accomplishing any goal, commitment!

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  1. I have discovered this the hard way. I have always loved sweets. It was OK when I was younger–I could eat anything I wanted and not pay a price. As I got older, that didn’t work so well. I began to notice this strange bulge around my abdomen and hips. I tried exercising, but didn’t change what I ate. Didn’t work. A few months ago, a light bulb went off. I stopped buying the packages of Oreos and started buying more fruits and vegetables. I quit the nightly glass of wine. Even without being able to get outside and exercise in the extreme heat, I have lost 9 pounds. My triglycerides (which have always been through the roof) were well within normal limits last time I had blood work. I still have a way to go…my fat percentage is down to 32%, but it’s still too high. Now that the weather will be cooling down a bit, I will be able to get out walking again, and I hope I can get rid of this annoying spare tire! Thank you for showing me I made the right choices!

  2. I have found WW to be the best plan for me with a loss of 60 lbs in a little over a year. Now on lifetime with exercise and dietary change, I just practice maintenance to remain within my healthy BMI……
    I do have at least one binge day a week and that seems to work just fine.

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