Paper Bags and Anxiety Cures


I have personally experience the use of using a brown paper bag to save someone from anxiety and other issues related to this problem. Many years ago a young lady was having issues that caused her to react and being a very close neighbor I sprang into action. It seemed so helpless at first as I saw the young lady needed help and didn’t know how to help her. But then the suggestion came from another neighbor about using a bag to help the person breathe and calm down.

With this information and the possibility of helping the young lady, I hurried to my home just a few feet away and searched for a paper bag. I remembered I had a brown paper bag at home, I quickly found it and made it available to the young lady. After about a minute of taking in a few breaths from the bag, I noticed that she settled a bit. She continued to use it until it was believed she could stop and then she was taken to a waiting vehicle where she could be taken for observation at the hospital.

It was a good feeling to know that something as simple as a brown paper bag could help a person in their time of need. If you live with anyone who is known for having anxiety attacks it is a good idea to keep a few bags at home in a safe clean environment. You never know when they will come in handy. My personal experience thought me this as I had no valuable reason to keep the nag at home but just did so at that point.

Anxiety can lead to more serious problems as the person becomes affect emotionally by their state of being and may do something that isn’t rational. The fear alone that is a reflection of this state of mind can cause harm to the person and lead to even more complicated health problems over time. Anxiety can affect the heart the same way stress affects the body. There is a clear indication that stress and anxiety are closely related and therefore can cause similar results to the body.

There are treatments no doubt for issues like anxiety but keeping a brown paper bags handy is definitely a plus in my book. Most paper bags are brown but you can also get white ones so don’t be too concern about the color. Brown is seemingly better as no dye is added to the paper to give it its color, but if that is what is available at the time it can do. It is more about saving life than anything else.

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