Painkillers and Cures for Headaches

headache cures

I am sure that at some point in their life everyone may have encountered a headache or two. Being very modest with these numbers is just an indication on the part of not having any known statistics to back this up. But one thing is certain headaches can be brutal, especially migraines which can seem like death is at the door at times. Headaches can disable a person’s ability to think and just put you in a state of inactivity.

Studies have been done to figure out why we get headaches and there are many findings that vary by individual. It isn’t always easy to pinpoint the cause of them so it makes it even more difficult to prescribe any medication as the diagnosis isn’t concrete. In many cases, the doctor would simply give you mild pain medication like Panadol or something of that sort to ease the pain. What this does is mask the pain but not deal with the actual cause of the headache. You can find yourself in a situation where the painkillers help, but the headache is still noticeable or the effects of it.

So the question one would ask is there a cure for headaches. I would say yes in many cases, but you need to find the reason for the headache in the first place. You see there are many causes for headaches, tumors, and other related formations in the brain that can cause you to have serious headaches. Another reason is the build-up of toxins which just requires a flush of the body to bring relief. One method is to fast and drink only water which is one of the simplest methods if you can handle a day or two without food.

Another known problem for headaches is high blood pressure which is known for causing strokes and other cardiovascular complications. It is also believed that strains, pinched nerves, and muscle cramps can contribute to serious pain in the head. Some foods are known to give a person a headache as well, especially if they suffer from migraine headaches. It is recommended to avoid dairy products especially cheese and most nuts.

Sinus is another culprit of headaches and can be very persistent due to the clogging or irritation of the sinus area. You can usually get relief by purchasing an over the counter prescription drug that will help. These days saline solutions have become more readily available to flush the sinus through the nose canal.

Some foods do have the ability to help fight headaches, but all foods may not bring the same results for different individuals. It has been advised by many specialists that you track all your meals if you are known for having regular headaches. It can help you to locate what you have done or eaten at the time to see if the foods you have eaten contribute to the headaches. Whatever you decide to do, be wise, and keep track of what works best for you.

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