Natural Remedies vs Modern Medicine

natural remedies vs modern medicines

Growing up with my father as a doctor, I was exposed to negative attitudes towards natural remedies. Because herbal remedies are not subject to the same amount of stringent testing as prescription drugs, my father believed that most of them were probably harmful and that the rest of them could do very little for you.

My father believed that it was OK to try a natural remedy if there was nothing else available, but with the wide availability of modern medicine, it usually didn’t make much sense. He thought there were just too many modern treatment options available for most of the serious health afflictions.

Since that time in my life, my perception of natural remedies for health-related problems has changed significantly. As it happened, modern medicine did not always cure me. In fact, once, it made me extremely sick. I used to suffer from serious and chronic sinus problems and was prescribed antibiotics, over and over again. You see, antibiotics can kill off good bacteria that your body needs, causing some serious digestive problems that can linger for years and years.

Nowadays, more doctors understand that natural remedies for conditions such as sinus infections, make sense for the simple reason that not all sinus infections are bacterial, but in those days the usual prescription was to put you on a course of powerful antibiotics and wait to see if it cleared up. If it did not clear up, a course of more powerful antibiotics was used. If you weren’t aware, many doctors still use this course of action today.

Natural remedies tend to be more gentle and usually more targeted. As a result, they don’t cause as many side effects as antibiotics. If my doctor had tried a natural remedy for my sinus infections, I might not have developed the debilitating health problems that I now live with today.

I know he was just doing what he was taught and thought was right, but in my mind, the continued resistance of the medical field in implementing alternative therapies seems willful and near-sighted. It’s almost as if they don’t want to discover how much they may have been missing for all these years.

As a result of my interest in natural remedies, I have decided to make this field my life, and in fact, to become a professional herbalist. It is my fervent wish that I can be a help in educating more people about the perils of antibiotics, and help them to realize a more balanced and holistic approach to caring for their health.

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  1. As an African, I know only too well the benefits of natural remedies. I can’t count on all my fingers (and toes) how many times my mum has had an answer for a headache, cold, stomach upset, or menstrual cramp. No trips to the hospital. No side effects.

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