Holistic Blood Pressure Cures

holistic blood pressure cures

What if there was one substance that could be considered a virtual cure for high blood pressure? Garlic has an unusual ability to normalize blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. If you can stand eating the garlic raw, the better, as cooking reduces its value. If you’re like me and dislike the taste and the resultant breath, try it in capsule form.

Kyolic® uses a patented process in which the garlic retains all the allicin (the beneficial component) while producing no offensive odors. Many clinical studies have shown garlic to be as effective as pharmaceutical prescriptions, with none of the associated side effects. If you are currently taking blood pressure medication, consult with your doctor, as garlic may have adverse interactions with some prescription medications.

With high blood pressure, the risk of developing plaque in your arteries is increased, which may lead to heart attack and stroke. So it’s essential to monitor your blood pressure regularly. Fortunately, there are many natural blood pressure cures, or, as I like to say, “correctors”, that will help keep you healthy. It’s important to remember that no single remedy may be the ultimate blood pressure cure, but a combination of some lifestyle and dietary ‘corrections’ can produce the closest thing to a cure.

Stress is a contributing factor in high blood pressure. Stress is inevitable in almost everyone’s life. By practicing breathing exercises and meditation, you’ll discover a great way to relieve stress. Consistent physical exercise also helps in lowering blood pressure. Both of the aforementioned disciplines have shown to be beneficial for blood pressure.

There are several excellent herbs that may prove to be high blood pressure cures. All may be obtained at your local herb store. Here’s the list:

Hawthorne berries are a splendid herbal supplement that acts as a sort of tonic on the heart, normalizing blood pressure, improving function, and treating irregular beating.

Dandelion root is thought to cleanse the liver but is also a diuretic, which helps to reduce blood pressure. Unlike some pharmaceutical medications, dandelion does not deplete potassium.

A dried Japanese mushroom, Reishi, lowers ‘bad’ cholesterol, which has a favorable result on blood pressure.

Talk with your doctor about salt and the proper ratio of potassium and magnesium. When balanced, these nutrients help to lower blood pressure. Another indispensable ingredient in your arsenal of blood pressure cures!

Foods loaded with potassium are grapefruit, oranges, melons, cabbage, and cauliflower. Great sources of magnesium include rice, beans, nuts, wheat germ, and soy. Bananas contain both potassium and magnesium.

If you practice meditation breathing techniques, get daily exercise, manage a proper diet, talk to your doctor, and try the herbs mentioned above, you should definitely reduce your blood pressure. If not, you may have to seek the chemical high blood pressure cures that doctors prescribe.

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