Hard Luck and Lower Back Pain Treatment

back pain story

My own experience with lower back pain has made me realize the importance of proper lifting routines and caring for my body. As a young man, I felt strong and that I could lift almost anything, well at least in my mind. The ability to lift heavy weight gave me the false comfort that it wouldn’t affect me later in life. I remember being warned by someone my age that I am too strong for my own good, but being young I never gave it any thought.

However, as I grew older the time came when I began to reflect on what the guy had told me many years earlier. My back pain problems began and they have persisted periodically to the very time this article has been written. I can safely say that all the back injuries I have encountered came from lifting objects while working as an employee. Due to this, I have spent most of my time away from work due to back pain.

My situation doubled after an incident that happened at one of my former employer’s company. I feel about 10 feet from a structure and landed on my rear on the concrete below. It was painful but overtime I recovered for the most part. However, I noticed that I would always have some issues with my back once I overworked it due to my past incident and injuries.

There are some treatments that can help you with back pain, but it doesn’t seem to be a fix-all. You can try many water-related recovery programs, do back strengthening exercises, and change your diet. All of the above will help but your back is still never the same. Once you cross that threshold in regards to how much your back can take the problems return.

What I am saying is this: My story may not be yours and what didn’t help me may help you. One thing is certain if you have back pain it could be with you for a long time. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t try any available treatment because the damage your back may have could be minimal. My experience is that back pain is here to stay but can be controlled at some level and it best to avoid overexertion on any back that has been damaged in the past.

What I experienced could be considered hard luck, but if I was more careful and paid attention to the signs I may have been in a better position today. All I know is back pain is painful and simple things like posture, how you sit, and lie down could impact your back. The onus is on each of us to care for our backs the best we can.

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