Foods That Help Your Stomach Feel Better

apple and banana

Some foods are better at one thing than another would be and that is a fact. That is why it is important to know what foods are good for, besides just eating them for a full stomach. Let us talk about the stomach for example, when you have an upset stomach many of the foods you eat won’t help but rather make the situation worse. However, some foods may help fix the problem or at the least reduce the discomfort you may have. This is very important information since eating certain foods could literally help your stomach and fulfill a need at the same time. Let us see what we can learn about some of these foods.


Ginger is a very good option for the stomach and it is widely used by many due to its healing properties. It can be added to foods and jams for a delicious flavor. It is very good on its own as a tea or a beverage but is used in multiple drinks and teas with other ingredients due to its taste creating a nice flavor.


Fennel is known as a very good tea but it is also very good if you have an upset stomach or such like. Furthermore, if you have gas or bloating then the fennel bulb is your friend and can be added to foods as well. The entire vegetable matter can be used but for varying reasons as the bulb can be used for a different reason than the leaves, commonly found in tea.


Peppermint is a popular choice for teas even if you don’t have an upset stomach. The minty flavor and composition of the plant are very good for soothing the stomach and is very tasty. It is very refreshing as a tea and sometimes depending on where you go may find it in other types of dishes. The ability of peppermint is no secret, it has helped with an upset stomach for millennials.
Banana and Apples

Certain fruits help really well when it comes to easing the stomach. Bananas and apples will do just what is necessary to bring relief. It is suggested that you mash them into a paste or blend them so that they are easier to digest and gentler on the stomach. The high fiber content of bananas also helps with stomach issues like diarrhea. The high pectin content of apples works in a similar fashion, so together or on their own, these fruits will assist with the health of your gut.

There are many other options that can help with making your stomach feel better but these few are easily accessible and will do a great job of making you feel well. I hope you found this information helpful and are well on your way to better health with these very important tips. A healthy stomach means a healthier you as it means eating is more pleasurable and that’s a good thing.

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