Benefits of Walking for Exercise

Walking is a great exercise and all of us do it every day without even realizing it, once we are not immobilized. If one were to track the amount of distance done in a day in your home alone you would realize just how many steps or miles you would go by traveling to the kitchen or bathroom. Taking that into consideration, walking is probably the most natural and easiest thing to do for exercise. It will get tiresome the more you walk but your body will adjust to pace and distance as time goes by.

Many Benefits

Persons with heart disease and other heart and lung-related illnesses need to walk often. Walking is good for the heart as it strengthens the muscle with increase activity from just taking a simple stride and increases in the heart rate. The lungs are strengthened due to the inhalation and exhalation of fresh air which is also good for the lungs to recover and become healthier.

Walking is one of the cheapest alternatives to going to a gym or buying equipment to workout. Furthermore, you are able to enjoy the great outdoors and get that much-needed exercise at the same time. One would be amazed at the level of benefit a person will receive from regular walks during the week. Better yet you don’t have to travel miles on end to have a good workout.

Doctor Suggested

It is no secret that any doctor will encourage individuals to walk and to do it regularly. If you are unable to hit the parks or some other recreational area designated for walking and running, then obviously a gym or your own equipment at home will do. A treadmill is a good option to help you get at least 30 minutes of a brisk walk to keep your body functioning well. This is necessary if individuals want to remain in optimal health for as long as humanly possible.

Types Of Activities

You can make walking fun and less of a burden as some may consider it to be. One of the best ways to enjoy walks is to do a bit of hiking as you will see a lot but do some mileage at the same time. Most places have some sort of recreational area where you can just walk or hike for something more exciting. You can also visit an area that has hiking if you want something more scenic and spectacular.

Walking in a group is even more fun as you walk and talk with friends. Before you know it you have travel a mile or two and the time has passed without you even realizing what you just accomplished. Take the time to walk and make the most of what is available. You will be amazed at how simple opting to walk a bit more will do for your health.

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  1. I finally invested in a Fitbit, which does a great job of tracking my daily steps. I was using my phone with an app called Pacer but the Fitbit seems to be more accurate.

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