About Herbs — An Overview

Herbal remedies have grown in popularity over the past few years, but there is still a lot to learn about the hundreds if not thousands of herbs found all over the world. Whether it is magazines, books, or online articles you can find a wide range of information about how herbs can be beneficial to your health.

Before you rush off to find the best herbs available, just keep in mind that there is plenty of information available online, but sometimes it can be a bit confusing. You’ll find one article that touts the herb as a natural remedy for a particular ailment, then another article that calls it just a myth. It’s important for you to do thorough research and check reputable websites such as Healthline or WebMD to get the facts about the herb.

When we think about herbs, we first think about the ones found in our kitchen. The natural flavors and aroma found in herbs such as cilantro and oregano springs to mind. Using other herbs such as garlic and thyme are popular as well, particularly in Italian food. People from all over the world with different cultures have their own way of using these herbs to add spice and flavor to their food. For example with Indian food, they love to use curry and rosemary, and in Mexico, cilantro is very popular.

Let’s move away from food for the time being, and focus now on using herbs as a medicine. In cultures that do not have access to all the latest pharmaceutical medicines, they used herbal remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation to treat ailments. These herbs have been shown to be very effective in their culture. Of course, some people will say it’s just “folk remedies” but in recent times the modern world has caught on to the fact that these herbs do help treat many diseases.

For this reason, herbal remedies have risen considerably in popularity. Instead of using antibiotics, people are turning to herbal remedies that show promise to treating a variety of ailments and also for their very potent healing powers.

Chinese herbal medicine has been dismissed as “junk medicine” for many years in America, but now the importing of herbs from China has skyrocketed. The same can be same for Indian Ayurveda medicine as well. These herbal remedies have been practiced for hundreds of years, but only recently have they started to be used in Western Civilization.

If you’re looking to find out more about herbal remedies, then you’ll want to check out the ones that focus primarily on immune-boosting. You’ll find herbs such as turmeric, turkey tail mushrooms, Boswellia extract, moringa are all becoming very popular for having the ability to boost your immune system. Do your research on these herbs, along with others such as ginseng, astragalus, and echinacea.

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  1. Great post – I still miss my favorite PCP (my insurance changed and he was not a provider) – he told me “most medicine came from herbs” and his only issue was that dosages are hard to control and that most people don’t research possible contraindications and drug interactions.

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